New patient

New patients for both the dentist or one of our specialist are welcome at Dental clinic Timko. Feel free to sign up for a free intake at Timko.


A set of beautiful teeth are a set of healthy teeth. Good oral health makes sure they stay that way. Dentist Timko serves both your periodic monitoring as specialist dental care.

Dental hygiene

A good oral hygiene keeps your teeth and gums healty and provides a fresh breath. Timko cares for your teeth and takes preventive measures for a beautiful and healthy smile. Read more...


Timko has a specialized team to complete your dental implant dental treatment whether you are in need of one or more implants.

Oral Surgery

The Timko specialists perform oral surgery when treatment to the mouth, jaw or face are needed.


Are you in need of braces? Our orthodontist takes care of all your orthodontic treatment.

  • A very knowledgeable dentist. Pleasant to deal with. Consults well in advance. Advises objectively. Takes the patients need in consideration.

Timko: your dentist in Eindhoven

At timko we use the latest technologies in the field of general and cosmetic dentistry. The Timko dental team has set itself the goal of improving the quality and beauty of your teeth permanently. By choosing for Timko you choose for:

  • A modern practice
  • Focus on the entire family
  • A variety of specialties
  • A professional and committed team

Thanks to our years of experience, close communication and specialists we can offer you the best dental care and personal service.

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